10 Ways to Eliminate Headaches Naturally, Traditionally, and Without Drugs

Eliminate Headaches Naturally | Headache or dizziness was certainly never experienced by almost all people. Many things can trigger headaches such as late meals, lack of sleep, or experiencing severe stress. A headache for some people is seen as a disease that is not serious. Although not serious, headaches are certainly not to be underestimated. Headaches can make our activity be hampered because it is hard to concentrate.

Tips to eliminate headache naturally

Many prefer to consume the drug a headache as how to eliminate the pain of the head quickly. Taking medicines continuously certainly give effect to the health because the chemicals continue to enter the body. Aspirin, one of the drugs for pain reliever of the head that hold You drink in large quantities and often can even damage Your kidneys.

No need to rush removes the headache using medications. There are how to eliminate headaches naturally, traditionally, and without the drug. So You do not need to spend money to buy medicine.

How to eliminate headaches naturally, traditionally, and without the drug.

Multiply drinking mineral water

Sometimes a headache is an indication or warning of the body that the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain is impaired so that the brain is deprived of oxygen and blood. Therefore when You have a headache, how to eliminate headaches that You need to do first is to drink plenty of mineral water so that You do not experience dehydration which lead to lack of body fluids so You have a headache.

Using ice cubes

The ice cubes are of course the winter this can be used as a way of eliminating the headache the next panacea. The thrill the chill will make the muscles to relax so that the headache is gone by itself. The trick is to wrap ice cubes with a cloth and then wipe-wipe on the head that feels pain. Ice cubes can also be used as a way of eliminating headaches back.

Consume potatoes

Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium which is important for the body. Headaches can also be caused because Your body is potassium deficiency. So headaches disappeared immediately, the consumption of boiled potatoes immediately. Enough with the boiled potatoes, not the kind of processed potatoes other because it will make the potatoes have potatoes saturated as fried potatoes.

Consume a banana

Bananas contain a compound of potassium and high magnesium. It's the thing that can eliminate the headaches of prolonged. To use bananas as a way of eliminating the headache of a prolonged, eat at least 3 bananas every day on a regular basis.

Consume food or beverage containing mint

One of the causes of headache could be because You eat too late or because of the ulcer. Headaches caused by an ulcer of different types of headaches. One of consuming the drug can-can Your ulcer is getting acute. How to eliminate the headaches the exact caused by heartburn is by consuming foods or drinks that contain mint. You can consume a mint, drink mint tea, and other.

Consume coffee but not excessive

It might sound strange that how to eliminate a headache is with coffee. This would indeed be a bit contradictory. On the one hand, most of the drink coffee has bad effects for health. Caffeine there is in coffee if consumed continuously may cause an increase in heart rate so that the heart often feels palpitations, the effects of coffee it also make headache due to blood vessels narrowing.

But on the other hand, the caffeine content can soothe the nervous system are strained because of experiencing headaches. For it simply by drinking 1 cup of coffee to calm Your nerves. Of course for those of You who are already addicted to coffee, it would be great if the coffee intake is reduced.

Eucalyptus oil

Fragrant eucalyptus oil can make the nerves become relax and can also calm Your mind. Eucalyptus is an herbal plant which is rich in cineol, terpineol, aldehydes valerate, and butyrate that can be used as a way to eliminate the headaches.

Inhale the oil or aromatherapy candle

Another way to create a relaxed nervous tense so that the headaches disappear is by inhaling the oil or aromatherapy candles. In addition it can also calm Your mind so that the mind becomes relaxed and the headache is gone.

Inhale the steam of warm water mixed eucalyptus oil

How to eliminate headaches by inhaling the other is to inhale the steam of warm water mixed with eucalyptus oil. The steam You inhale can make relax Your mind so that the headache subsided. The trick is to shed a few drops of eucalyptus oil into hot water. Breathe-in the steam warm water.

consumption of sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, which it turns out is capable of being used as a way of relieving the pain of the head quickly. Not only that, a high magnesium content can also be used as a way of eliminating headaches back. Eat sesame seeds every day so the headache is gone and not coming back.


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