Tips to Get Rid of Severe Flu Without Medication

Tips to Get Rids of Severe Flu | The alternation of extreme weather often makes the durability of the body decreases. This can lead to the flu that interfere with. Not only make your appetite decrease drastically, but also makes the body not excited. One of the quickest way to overcome the flu is to drink the medicine. Unfortunately too often drink the medicine not good for the health of the kidneys.

Here is a way to overcome the flu without the need of taking the drug. Let's see how below.

Increase Endurance

Keep health by eating regularly and don't forget to keep the intake of nutrients. Eat foods that are high in vitamin C is recommended because it can help increase the body's resistance.

Drinking Enough Water

One of the causes of the flu is dehydration, so ensure the body met the needs of fluid is very important, Drink water at least 8 glasses a day. In addition do not forget to multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables because of the effective help the body stay hydrated.

The Consumption Of Milk

If you do not like to drink milk, when the weather is not conducive such as this should still drink milk. Milk can increase the body's resistance, and make the body protected from the flu that interfere with. You can add turmeric to add to the value of benefits.

Reduce Consumption Of Sugar

Beverage and sweet food actually makes the more severe flu. We recommend that when severe avoid eating sweet foods and sugary drinks. Replace with drinking water and multiply the consumption of fresh fruit.

Enough rest

Not only eat nutritious, one way to treat the flu is with rest that is enough. When sick with the flu avoid sleeping too late. Limit the activity you so that you can immediately rest.

Well, these 5 ways to treat flu without taking any medications. Do not forget to exercise to keep the body healthy and strong. Hopefully this information is helpful.


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